Ants in the State Capital Building

I woke up suuuuuper early this morning in the hopes of doing glamorous things like the dishes and laundry and not being interrupted once. But it was not to be. I swear my kids have “Mom’s awake!” radar. So I fed the “But I’m too HUNGRY to go back to bed!” crowd and am now... Continue Reading →


I made several assumptions about how today would go. I assumed that K2 would not do well at the dentist this morning. I assumed the lab work I had done yesterday would show problems. I assumed that the weather would be dreary today. I'm happy to say that none of these assumptions was correct. To... Continue Reading →

Hiding in the Living Room

It’s one of those days. And holy cannoli I’m tired down to the tips of my toes. However, writing usually gets me out of my funk. Usually. I’m more or less hiding in the living room, hoping that “out of sight, out of mind” will apply. I doubt it will though as within the last... Continue Reading →

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