Taking the long way home. The view from the passenger seat was awesome! The clouds before the storm...

Milwaukee Fog

I’ve lived in SE Wisconsin for almost 15 years now. How did I not know that from Milwaukee to Oak Creek most of the lakefront area is made up of Milwaukee County Parks? How have I missed this???

A Visit To Mound Cemetery

It had been a long time since I’d been to Mound Cemetery. As usual I was struck by how peaceful and how beautiful it is there. The cemetery is named after the ancient Native American burial mounds found nearby, with 12 of the original 138 mounds still in existence today. Modern burials date back to the Revolutionary War...

Mound Cemetery Lagoon, Racine, WI. This is one of the most historic cemeteries in SE Wisconsin. Along with paying our respects to the area’s forefathers & foremothers we learned a good deal about the region’s history. Write-up to follow later this week!

Cell Phone Chatter

Just because we can make phone calls almost everywhere, should we make phone calls from almost everywhere? Regardless if strangers are listening or not?

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