Fluffle Bunny Kitten Babies

Did you know that a group of bunnies is called a fluffle? How cute is that???

It’s tres adorbs, but not as cute as our new kittens!

We weren’t planning on getting kittens so soon after the passing of Dibs & Tugger, but we’ve found that a house isn’t a home without cats. And in more good news our dog’s rectal tumor isn’t as untreatable as was originally thought and she will most likely be with us for years to come. This opened the door to us adopting kittens and making our family feel whole again. Thank you Kindred Kitties for making this possible!

So ladies, gentlemen, and children of all ages… Introducing the 8th wonder of the world…… Link & Cheddar!

Happily yours,


I love this pic because it looks like a bad prom photo. These guys crack me up!

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