Ants in the State Capital Building

I woke up suuuuuper early this morning in the hopes of doing glamorous things like the dishes and laundry and not being interrupted once. But it was not to be. I swear my kids have “Mom’s awake!” radar. So I fed the “But I’m too HUNGRY to go back to bed!” crowd and am now sitting in my room (ok, I’m hiding. I’ll admit it), looking at pics on my phone, and collecting my thoughts for the day.

I came across this photo I took at the Wisconsin State Capital Building’s topmost observation area. It struck me because the people are so small here they look like ants that are randomly running around. And I realized that lately I’ve been feeling like an ant: constantly busy, never alone, always taking care of the colony before taking care of myself. And it’s never quite enough.

As empty as my momming and wifeing gas tank is feeling today, I’m trying to remember that this is a phase of life and things will eventually change. And if you’ve been feeling this way too please know this: You matter. You’ll eventually slog through, so keep up the good work. You’re beautiful and strong and awesome, even on days where you’re so overwhelmed you walk out of the house wearing 2 different shoes and have forgotten to brush your hair. Just keep on keepin on, gorgeous! We’re all in this together. Have a great day.


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