Another week has flown by!

It’s been over a week since I’ve blogged!  My goodness, I’m slacking…

My only excuse is that 1) the kiddos are out of school and have been keeping me running (ergo the Three Museums in One Day post), 2) We went out of town last weekend, and 3) I’ve been hellaciously sick over the past week and anything I wrote was either whiny or sounded like “Unnnngggghhhhhhhhhh.” There have been a couple of other things that happened too that I’ll mention later. But today is the first day I’m feeling mostly like myself again so here I am, writing before I head out for the day.

There’s a lot of things to write about too. Stay tuned!

For now though, I leave you with this photo of goldfish in Kenosha Harbor. It’s not uncommon to see goldfish in the harbor. Whether they’re pets that have been dumped or bait that got away, I have no idea. I also didn’t know that there’s a profitable goldfish fishing industry going on in Lake Erie at the moment as well as a heated debate regarding the impact of invasive species (such as goldfish) on the Great Lakes. If you’ve got the time, Google “goldfish in the Great Lakes.” There’s some interesting reads on the subject.

– LT


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