A Visit To Mound Cemetery

With the school year winding down and work winding up, things have been a tad cray cray around here. You’d think that after a wild week of last minute homework assignments, staffing changes at work, an extra shift at my second job, auto maintenance, and blah blah busy blah blah, that we would welcome a Sunday without anything scheduled. But we found ourselves at loose ends and didn’t feel like staying home. Plus I was jonesing hard for my favorite Starbucks “coffee” (venti espresso frappuccino, 1 scoop vanilla bean protein powder, 1 pump frapp roast, breve, pleezzzeeee) so off to Racine we went.

After appropriate caffeination levels were attained we took votes as to where we wanted to go. Hubs and I wanted to be outside somewhere without crowds. K1 wanted Pokestops. K2 wanted history. So we decided to head over to Mound Cemetery.

It had been a long time since I’d been to Mound Cemetery. As usual I was struck by how peaceful and how beautiful it is there. The cemetery is named after the ancient Native American burial mounds found nearby, with 12 of the original 138 mounds still in existence today. Modern burials date back to the Revolutionary War. The cemetery was dedicated in 1852 and many of the founding fathers/mothers of modern Racine are interred there. From what I understand the cemetery is still open for new burials.

We saw the burial sites/tombs of the SC Johnson family (famous for Johnson Wax), Jerome Case (Case Tractors), William Horlick (who discovered malted milk with his wife Arabella), and Martin Secor (Secor Trunks and former mayor of Racine). We paid homage to the veterans’ plots. We tried to imagine what life was like and what historical events were occuring based on the dates we saw on the markers. K1 got so caught up in it that he even forgot about Pokestops.

Best of all we did not see obvious signs of the one car accident that occured the week before.

It was a peaceful trip full of history and family togetherness. I did not take any photos beyond the lagoon because it just didn’t feel right. The hubs and I explained to the kids that all cemeteries are holy places and should be respected. The occasional Pokestop is OK, but it shouldn’t be the focus of the trip. We learned a lot during our visit and I think we achieved some sort of peace after a busy week.

Peace that we needed as we then tackled the gauntlet that is grocery shopping at Meijer…


To learn more about Mound Cemetery visit:

  • https://www.racinecountyeye.com/mound-cemetery-an-1000-3000-year-old-story/
  • https://journaltimes.com/news/local/many-notable-people-from-racine-s-past-rest-in-mound/article_5bca1c7b-bd15-5189-8e27-41be70d8a8c5.html
  • https://www.cityofracine.org/Cemetery/

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