I made several assumptions about how today would go. I assumed that K2 would not do well at the dentist this morning. I assumed the lab work I had done yesterday would show problems. I assumed that the weather would be dreary today.

I’m happy to say that none of these assumptions was correct.

To be fair, I had good reason to assume these things. Historically, K2 has not done well at the dentist, or really at any doctor’s appointment. Case in point, while visiting the eye doctor with both K1 & K2, both kids were anxious about getting the dreaded eye-dilating drops. When K1 had a roaring fit as the doctor approached him with the evil little bottle, K2 threw the exam room door open wide and yelled to the people in the waiting room, “Help! He’s going to kill my brother!!!!” Also, this past winter K2 got his flu shot at Sam’s Club. Right after the doctor popped him with the injection K2 screamed (remember we’re at Sam’s Club, pretty much in the open), “OH SH*T THAT HURT!!!!” and proceeded into the most dramatic fake swoon this side of Much Ado About Nothing. Suffice it to say that I expected major drama over getting a cracked filling repaired.

I sat there in the waiting room, ready to leap into action if the dentist needed me. After about 20 minutes of waiting I was starting to get anxious. But then K2 walked out of the procedure room and lisped novocaine-style, “That wadn’t tho baaaaad! Buh my mouf feethls funny, like I haff Geouge Wassssshington teef! Caaan I goth thoo sthoool thnow?”

As far as my labs are concerned, it’s been YEARS since they’ve been completely normal. There’s almost always been something that needs to be addressed due to autoimmune-related issues. I dread the “Well, overall your bloodwork looks ok except…” phone calls. Those “excepts” have resulted in invasive testing, multiple abdominal surgeries, scopes, and medications. But this time everything came back great. My happiness at this cannot be fully described. It’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling.

And for once it’s not raining, it’s not gloomy, and I’m not having to wear my winter coat in May like I did yesterday. I know that the kids assume that I’m going to be tired and grumpy at pickup as that’s been my M.O. lately. However, I intend to disprove their assumptions as mine had been. After pickup I’m going to take them straight to the harbor for some rollerblading and major Pokemon hunting. These kind of days only come around once in awhile and I intend to enjoy every minute.

– LT

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