Hiding in the Living Room

It’s one of those days.

And holy cannoli I’m tired down to the tips of my toes.

However, writing usually gets me out of my funk. Usually.

I’m more or less hiding in the living room, hoping that “out of sight, out of mind” will apply. I doubt it will though as within the last 5 minutes the phrases “hey mom…” and “can I have…” were used approximately 5,000 times. And honestly, my attitude could use adjusting. It’s not the kiddos’ fault that I’m being a crabarse. So I’m nodding, smiling, and basically faking my way through this beautiful midwestern day.

But truth compels me to admit that I have “In Hiding” by Pearl Jam running through my head and am wishing a Golden Girls marathon and unlimited snacks were available.

Do you ever have days like those? I always feel a little guilty when I’m not all carpe diem.

But to be fair, the kiddos aren’t super pleased with me either. My middle schooler (who shall henceforth be called K1) is displeased that I will not let him build a 3D map out of poster board and then fill the lake areas with actual water. (“But I’ll clean it up Mom!” Suuuurrreeeeee….) My youngest (K2) says I’m mean because I won’t give him only popcorn for dinner. Also, he’s mad that I replaced the regular iHeart Radio app with iHeart Radio Family on his tablet. He thinks it’s unfair that I won’t let him listen to rap battles anymore.  Did you know that iHeart Radio rap battles are even a thing? Because I didn’t until my 10 year old’s vocabulary suddenly expanded in the worst possible ways. In public. Loudly.

But I digress. I’ll admit that I’m starting to feel better now that I’ve been writing and am basically mainlining Diet Coke. Oh caffeine and aspartame, how I love thee.

Annnnnnnd a compromise has been struck! K1 will create his map without the H2O, and K2 will be allowed popcorn WITH his dinner. In return, I will be allowed at least 15 seconds of blissful quiet. I think a pillow fort is in order.  #winning

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