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During this long weekend of schlepping various family members to various destinations, I had been wishing for the time to write. While driving I would imagine the witty things I would say. Things that would captivate my yet unknown readers. Things that would amuse and interest. Awesome. Things.

Annnnnnnd now that I actually have a quiet house and few remaining brain cells to rub together I have no idea what to say. Sigh…

Well, lets start at the beginning. My name is Laura and I hail from the great state of Wisconsin. I am the wife of a hardworking man, the mom of two catastrophically precocious sons (anyone get the Amelia Peabody reference there???), and the dog and I are owned by a 15-year-old cat named Dibs. I live within a stone’s throw of Lake Michigan, which is both chilly and divine.

My life along Lake Michigan is the inspiration for my writing. I truly believe that life is better by the Lakes (hence the title of this blog).

To paraphrase one of my favorite authors (Molly Harper), life by the Lakes is both ridiculous and sublime. There are mansions and shacks, tiny fishing boats and enormous yachts, debutantes and Deb-you-nots, protected beaches and developed communities, children’s concerts and daily performances by slightly creepy dudes playing the sitar… The list goes on and the people watching is phenomenal. I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences with you.

Until next time,

PS: Full disclosure – If you’re one of the 5 people who have visited my other site, you know that I operate an online retail shop at The items in my store are inspired by my musings on this blog.

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